How to rejuvenate your skin with natural treatments

The human body is a dynamic system. All the cells in our bodies work together to keep us healthy and fit. We also have an immune system to protect us against infections. This makes the human body one of the most ‘self-healing’ bodies around. When our body is healthy, it continually produces natural skin defenses called cytokines. Cytokines are proteins that help fight off infection by stimulating other immune system cells to battle against bacteria, viruses and other germs. But when our immune systems are compromised, they don’t work as well as they should. This leaves our skin exposed to stress-inducing toxins and microbes without effective defense mechanisms. Rejuvenating with natural skin rejuvenation treatments can damaged skin in these ways:

Increase production of protective cytokines

These are natural substances that help the body fight off infections and promote healing. They are produced by our skin, hair and nails. If these areas of your skin are broken or damaged, then your entire body will be exposed to these harmful agents. When your skin is healthy and young, it produces high levels of substances called cytokines that help your body fight off infections. If these areas are broken or damaged, then your body’s immune system can’t respond as well as it should. This can leave your skin open to infection and slow down your metabolism. It can also give your skin a dull and depressed look.

Alleviate inflammation

As your skin ages, it becomes increasingly sensitive to the environment around it. As a result, the skin’s natural defenses are compromised. This can lead to skin sagging and wrinkles, reduced collagen production and a higher risk of developing various skin conditions. To counter this, stimulate the growth of new skin cells by gently lifting the skin’s top layer, called the epidermis, with your fingertips. This is known as exfoliating your skin. This process gently removes the dead skin cells and helps your skin cells become healthier and more responsive to stimulation.

Stimulate the growth of new skin cells

New skin cells are constantly being produced in our skin. The trick is to keep these cells from becoming too old and perishing. To do this, gently massage your skin with a soft, soothing face mask. This process helps build up collagen, stimulates the growth of blood vessels around the skin’s surface and flushes out toxins.

Reduce redness and swelling

As your skin ages, it produces less natural ‘reality control’ chemicals. This results in increased skin sensitivity and redness. To counter this, apply an anti-inflammatory agent such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. This will help to reduce the skin’s redness and irritation.

Increase moisture retention

When your skin is healthy, it constantly produces a natural substance called ‘hydroxy acids. These are compounds that help to reduce the water content in our skin. The rule of thumb is that anything that increases the water content in your skin is a good thing. To retain more water, wash your face twice a day. Use a face towel to avoid excess water loss which will lead to dehydrated and dehydrated-looking skin. When your skin gets too dry, drink plenty of water and use a face moisturizer.


As your skin gets older, it becomes more sensitive to the environment around it. This can cause damage and reduce the number of healthy skin cells in your skin. Using these tips and products, you can rejuvenate your skin and feel confident again.

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