The Top 3 Clean Eating Franchises in America

If you follow the clean eating trend, chances are you’ve heard of some of these popular franchised-based chains. Many of these businesses have become extremely successful by capitalizing on the growing demand for healthy and affordable foods. These companies offer a variety of fresh, nutritious options from fast food to smoothie bars — and everything in between. If you’re looking to branch out into the world of healthy eating, consider becoming a franchisee! There are thousands of opportunities waiting for you in this exciting industry, and luckily for you, there are plenty of great examples of successful restaurants that are also excellent examples of good corporate citizenship. So here are three popular franchises that both perform an important role in their communities as well as care about their staff, the environment, and their guests.


With more than 1,500 locations worldwide, Chick-fill-A is a household name. And with good reason. The founders of Chick-fill-A were huge believers in the power of “food, family, and faith,” and went on to create a company that does exactly that. As a serious eater, I love the idea of a healthy fast food option at Chick-fill-A. The Chicken Sandwich and the Waffle Sandwich are two of my favorite items on the menu, as are the salads and soups. There are plenty of great choices for kids, too, with options like grilled sandwiches and salads, chicken nuggets, and fresh-baked cookies.


Denny’s is another family-friendly restaurant with a history dating back almost 90 years. The chain has maintained its popularity by creating the right experience for customers of all ages. From the friendly employees to the delicious menu items, you’ll find everything you need to feel right at home at Denny’s. There are plenty of options for families with kids, with such items as mac ‘n’ cheese, nachos, and burgers. For adults, there’s the ever-popular steakhouse, the Black Angus, a prime rib eye special, and the breakfast taco. Denny’s also has a fun kids’ menu, with options like potato skins and nacho cheese dips.

Burger King

Burger King, which was founded in 1947, has maintained its popularity over the decades and remains a household name to this day. The brand has grown from a single burger restaurant to a global empire, with more than 3,000 locations in 65 countries. Just like at Denny’s, Burger King has a wide variety of options for families, including kid-friendly items. There are plenty of kid-friendly options at Burger King, including the nugget machine and milkshake machine, as well as a volcano of delicious options for adults.

Panera Bread

Like Chick-fill-A, Panera Bread has a huge following of loyal customers. The company, which was originally a bakery, has been serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner since 1971, and now has more than 1,400 locations worldwide. Like at Denny’s and Chick-fill-A, kids love Panera’s sandwiches. There are plenty of kid-friendly options, including the Veggie Burger and Gluten-free sandwich. For adults, the lunch special and spinach salad are two of the best Panera options.


Like Panera Bread, Subway has a following of loyal customers who frequent the stores to buy sandwiches, salads, and other sandwiches. The company has been serving sandwiches and salads since 1927, and now has more than 6,000 locations in 62 countries. Kids love the sandwiches and salads at Subway, and they also get a nutritional boost from the kids’ options. There are plenty of kid-friendly options, including the Spine sandwich, Italian sub, and turkey sandwich. For adults, the special Veggie Subs are always a big hit, as are the super healthy footling SUBWAY SANDWICHES.

Doab Mexican Grill

This popular chain from New Mexico has over 100 locations in 18 states, as well as the District of Columbia. Doab is known for its affordable, filling Mexican food, and the Doab QuesalTortas and QuesalSopes are two of the most popular items on the menu. Kids under 10 eat Free with the purchase of an adult entrée at Doab, and you can also get a free kids’ meal with the purchase of an adult meal. Doab also hosts free play times during the day for kids under the age of 10. And on weekends, Doab is one of the most family-friendly restaurants in America.

IHOP Restaurant

This breakfast and lunch icon has been serving breakfast and lunch since 1908 and is still going strong. It’s one of the oldest continuously operating restaurants in the country and still offers great food and service. In addition to its first-rate breakfast and lunch, IHOP also hosts events throughout the week, including story time, movie night, and book discussion. IHOP also hosts a free pancake competition on the first Saturday of every month, which is also pancake day. And for families with young children, there’s also the ever-popular Kid’s Breakfast.

Denny’s – Shakes and Smoothie Bar

This smoothie and shakes shop has been serving up healthy drinks and desserts to customers for more than 50 years. There are currently more than 740 Denny’s locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. As a kid, one of the things I loved most about Denny’s was the shakes — especially the Rainbow Shake, which featured strawberries, peaches, blueberries, and even a touch of marshmallow fluff! Denny’s also hosts occasional events, including pancake and waffle cook-offs and free pancake breakfasts. When it’s time to relax, there’s always the NHL on Ice, and the NBA on Tip-Top-Oven.

Pinnacle Fitness – Online Community for Health & Fitness Trainers

Pinnacle Fitness is a growing chain with more than 350 locations in 16 countries. The company is known for its integrated health and fitness facilities, and the brand is consistently ranked among the top-performing health and fitness clubs in the country. Kids love the Pinnacle clubs, which also offer childcare and a play area for kids. There are also plenty of adult-only options, like energy-firming runs, aqua aerobics, and spinning classes.


The number one thing that people look for in healthy food or beverage is options. By providing a variety of options for your customers to choose from, you can provide choices that are healthy for them but also taste good to them. Only then will you have a chance to make a strong impression and be successful as a franchisor. What are you waiting for? Start your franchising journey today by visiting us at, and take control of your food destiny.

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