DIY Grip Replacement: Step-by-Step Guide for Changing Grips on Taurus Small Frame Revolvers

When it comes to personalizing and customizing your firearms, one of the most impactful changes you can make is replacing the grips. This simple yet effective modification can enhance your small-frame revolver’s aesthetics and functionality. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of changing grips on your Taurus small frame revolver, empowering you to make a noticeable and satisfying upgrade to your firearm.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials

Before you begin, ensure you have all the necessary tools and materials. You’ll need a screwdriver, the replacement grips, and any additional hardware that may come with the new grips. A well-lit and clean workspace is also crucial to prevent any loss of small parts during the process.

Step 2: Safety First

Before handling any firearm, it’s important to follow safety protocols. Make sure your revolver is unloaded and the cylinder is empty. Double-check to confirm that there is no ammunition in the vicinity of your workspace.

Step 3: Remove the Old Grips

Start by locating the screws that attach the current grips to your Taurus small frame revolver. These screws are usually found on both sides of the grip frame. Carefully use the appropriate screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws. Keep them safe, as you’ll need them for the new grips.

Step 4: Clean the Firearm

With the old grips removed, take a moment to clean any dust, debris, or residue that may have accumulated. A soft cloth or a mild cleaning solution can be used to ensure a clean and smooth surface for the new grips.

Step 5: Position the New Grips

Reign the replacement grips with the screw holes on the grip frame. Ensure that they fit snugly and are positioned correctly. This is an opportune time to envision how the new grips will look on your revolver.

Step 6: Attach the New Grips

Insert the screws through the holes in the new grips and into the corresponding holes on the grip frame. Begin screwing them in gently by hand to avoid cross-threading. Once they are securely in place, use the screwdriver to tighten them. Be cautious not to overtighten, as this could damage the new grips or affect the firearm’s functionality.

Step 7: Check for Alignment and Fit

After attaching the new grips, check to ensure that they are properly aligned and fit comfortably in your hand. Grips that are misaligned or too tight can affect your ability to hold and control the revolver. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a proper fit.

Step 8: Test for Functionality

Before considering the job complete, it’s crucial to test the functionality of your revolver with the new grips. Dry-fire the revolver and practice a few handling drills to ensure that the grips do not impede the firearm’s operation. Pay attention to the trigger reach and overall comfort during handling.

Step 9: Final Inspection and Maintenance

Give your Taurus small-frame revolver grips a final visual inspection. Ensure that the grips are secure, aligned, and properly fitted. If needed, perform any additional cleaning to maintain the firearm’s appearance.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Upgraded Firearm

With the new grips securely in place and your firearm fully functional, you can now enjoy the fruits of your labor. The personalized touch of the new grips can enhance your shooting experience and give your Taurus small-frame revolver a fresh and distinctive look.

Step 11: Securely Fasten the Screws

After testing the functionality of your revolver with the new grips, ensure the screws are securely fastened. However, avoid over-tightening, as it could strip the threads or damage the grips. Strike a balance between firm attachment and avoid excessive force.

Step 12: Maintenance and Care Guidelines

Now that your Taurus small-frame revolver sports its new grips, it’s important to maintain them properly. Depending on the material of the grips, such as wood or rubber, follow recommended cleaning and maintenance guidelines. Keep them clean and free from debris to ensure their longevity and preserve the fresh appearance you’ve achieved.


Changing grips on your Taurus small frame revolver is a straightforward DIY project that can significantly impact your firearm’s aesthetics and usability. By following these step-by-step instructions and exercising caution throughout the process, you can successfully replace the grips and enjoy the satisfaction of a firearm tailored to your preferences.

Always prioritize safety, attention to detail, and functionality as you embark on this endeavor.

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