Which Mistakes to Avoid When Building A Website?

When developing a website, there are many things to think about, and you might miss some important ones. But a trusted web design firm has a razor-sharp focus that keeps the website development, designing and projection on track and in tune with the business objectives. 

Before creating the RedBerries website, we did thorough research, so we knew what was important and the things to avoid. As a Dubai website design company, we knew which mistakes to avoid and why. 

Here are some most obvious mistakes people make when developing a website for their business. Let’s check out these mistakes in detail. 

You Don’t Have A Plan in Place

Building a website takes planning, just like opening a store, restaurant, or any other kind of business and not having a plan is one of the worst mistakes you can make while doing so. 

It is very important to know your target market, your USP (unique selling proposition), how you would like to promote your website, and how you plan to grow in the future. If you didn’t do enough research, you’d build a website without knowing what your audience is looking for and just hope they’ll like it. 

The Domain Name is Confusing

The domain name you choose for your online identity should describe your business and be easy for your customers to remember. Most of the time, the most memorable domain names are also the most profitable.

Do some study to find a domain name that describes your business and fits well with your online message.

A Cluttered Site

One of the mistakes to avoid when building a website is a crowded homepage. Because there is so much content available, website visitors have little to no patience; therefore, if your homepage is cluttered, they will depart before you prove your value.

Servers That Take Too Long to Respond

If your devices are slow, your website will take much longer to load. Stats show that after four seconds of waiting for a website to load, a potential customer will often “bounce” and go to another site.

As an answer, look at the size of your photos, the tools you are using, and your hosting plan.

Not Thinking About Mobile Optimization

This is one of the most important mistakes to avoid when making a website. 80% of searches on social media sites are done on mobile devices today. For your website to work as well on mobile devices as it does on a computer, you need to think about how the layout changes. When making a website, you should always check it on a mobile device to make sure the message is clear.

Poor Use of Widgets

Widgets, which are also called plugins, are great, but you should only use the ones that make your website work better. For example, WordPress lets you add thousands of widgets, which may sound great at first, but the more widgets you add, the bigger the website will get and the longer it will take to load. Only add apps that you know you will use and that will help you grow your online business. Make sure the tool you choose can be changed to fit your website, is mobile-friendly, and uses HTTPS to keep your site safe.

Not Realizing The Importance of a “Contact Us” Page

Your website needs to have a page for people to contact you. If your contact us page is hard to find or use, people who want to get in touch with you will leave. The answers are to make a page with contact information, put it in the website’s menu bar, and keep this information up to date.

Putting Your Own Needs Ahead of the Customers

We all think that having a website that looks good, works well, and is competitive with our biggest competitors will help us make more money, but this isn’t always the case. Since customers will buy from your business, you should put their needs before your own while developing your website. Find out what your target audience wants from a website by doing research and include this information in your website designing goals.

Missing Links

When people go to your website, the dreaded “404” pages tell them to leave right away. When making your website, make sure that all of the links work. In the bottom of your website, put a link that says “contact the host” so that people can tell you about broken pages.

Images of Poor Quality

This is one of the worst things you can do when building a website. Make sure that the pictures you use to show your website’s information are of high quality. If you don’t have the time or the skills to take good shots, hire someone who does.

No Search Bar

Your website will be a place where people are able to find information, so if they can’t see what they’re looking for with a search engine, they won’t waste time going through it. Copy the HTML code from your control panel and put it into your website to give your users the ability to search.

Not Taking SEO Into Account.

SEO is a process that never ends, but it is so important that you must think about it when designing a website. If you want search engines to find your website, you need metadata that includes the right keywords and is based on how your audience looks for the products or services you offer.

No “Calls to Action”.

If you want people to sign up for your email list or share your content with your audience, you must create the right “calls to action” and incorporate them into the website design. Lastly, plan your website so that your call-to-action buttons are part of the design and not just an addition.


Don’t make the mistakes above mentioned and be wise while developing a user-friendly website for your business. By hiring the Dubai website design company, you can stay away from making these mistakes. In this way, your site will get a higher user engagement and generate better sales over time. 

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