Where Can You Find the Best Kashmir Tour Packages from Srinagar?

Kashmir tour packages from Srinagar

With its stunning landscapes, pleasant weather, and unique cultural experiences, Kashmir has captivated tourists for decades. The ideal gateway to start your Kashmir holiday is Srinagar, the summer capital situated on the banks of the Jhelum. Srinagar serves as an excellent base to explore the beauty of Kashmir through well-planned tour packages. But where can you find the best Kashmir tour packages from Srinagar?

  • Reputable travel agents

The easiest way to find a good Srinagar-Kashmir package is to get in touch with reputable travel agents in your city. Top travel agents and tour operators design customized Kashmir itineraries, factoring in your requirements, budget, and interests. They offer end-to-end services, right from booking flights and hotels to making sightseeing arrangements, saving you effort. Check the reviews and feedback of their previous customers before selecting an agent.

  • Kashmir Tourism Department

The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department offers excellent Kashmir packages from Srinagar through their tours and travels wing. On their user-friendly website, you can browse through various packages with complete inclusions, routes, and prices. You can also customize and book packages online according to your dates and needs. Since these are government-approved packages, quality is assured.

  • India Tourism Development Corporation

India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) under the Ministry of Tourism provides some of the best Srinagar Kashmir tour packages. Being a government enterprise, their packages are transparent and reliable. On their website, you can view, compare, and book customizable Kashmir tour packages from Srinagar based on duration, budget, interests, etc.

  • Tour Provider Websites

Many leading tour providerscurate Kashmir holiday packages from Srinagar on their websites. Browse to find the package closest to your requirements and make bookings online. Look for added discounts, cashbacks, and other deals on their sites. Check for package ratings and real reviews from previous travellers for transparency.

  • Local Kashmir tour operators

Once in Srinagar, you can also find the best Kashmir tour packages offered by local tour operators based right there. They would have insider information about the top places to visit, logistics, crowd management, and unique experiences. Flexibility to tweak plans is also higher with local operators. Research thoroughly, and only choose reputed, experienced agencies.

  • Travel booking sites

Some of the websites are great platforms to discover the top-rated Kashmir packages from Srinagar. These sites aggregate and compare various tour packages, their pricing, and reviews, making your search easy. Look for deals, cashback offers, and discounts for Srinagar Kashmir packages on these sites.

  • Social Media Kashmir Groups

Join Facebook groups or subreddits dedicated to Srinagar tourism to find leads on tourpackages tried and recommended by other travellers. Experienced members can suggest ideal packages, tour operators, and travel hacks from their own trips for an amazing holiday.


With abundant options across online channels and on-ground, finding one of the best Kashmir tour packages from Srinagar for your style and budget is easier than ever. Do thorough research and pick the option best suited for a hassle-free holiday amidst heavenly Kashmir.

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