Harit Gaba Lists The Best Ways To Network While One Is Still In College

Harit Gaba

Networking simply implies to building and maintaining relationships at its core. The sooner one starts making industry connections; the better it would be for them. As per Harit Gaba, networking helps people to learn about new companies and business trends in their field, discover roles that exist for their creative skill set, and maybe even meet a mentor. It is never too early to start networking and building connections. Hence, it is better that people get started with it while they are still in college.

Harit Gaba talks about some of the top ways to network for college students

For a college student, networking can seem intimidating at first, but it is a skill that can benefit them for the rest of their life. The sooner a person starts networking, the more opportunities they will have to succeed in their career. The connections one makes in college are often instrumental in their post-grad life.

Here are a few simple yet efficient ways one can network while they are still in college:

  • Apply for part-time jobs and internships: Many famous and successful people started by doing odd jobs. In fact, Warren Buffett started as a paperboy and Oprah worked at a grocery store. Working part time during college is a great way to gain experience, figure out personal interests and passion, and make money. No matter where one chooses to work, there is a good chance that they will meet people who will go on to do bigger and better things in life, and can be of a huge help down the line.  Someone working as a barista today may end up being a successful ad executive in the future, so it’s prudent not to discount anybody along the way.  In fact, students should use their time at work to get to know people and even stay in touch after they leave the job.
  • Cold email people of interest: Cold emailing is a fairly simple process and hence every college student should try to take advantage of it. Many students tend to be very intimidated to message someone with whom they have no connection. However, one should know that there are a lot of people in the world who really want to help others, especially students with a bright future.  Hence, students should try to send cold emails to people they admire, or even people at their own college who they haven’t met yet.  Students need to always be respectful and genuine when cold emailing, and make sure that they are letting the other person know that they respect their time.
  • Take advantage of professional networking groups and clubs on the campus: A lot of college and universities have clubs, groups and associations that students may join to expand their opportunities and meet interesting people. College is the perfect place to meet and build connections with smart and like-minded individuals.

As per Harit Gaba, during college, students are exposed to some of the most brilliant academic minds they would meet in their lives, and hence it is important to take advantage of this opportunity as well. If there is any subject area a student is truly interested in, they should not be afraid to go to professors in that field. Professors usually love talking about their work and meeting young people.

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